What were the Specific Research Topics of Interest to the Group?

Specific topics of interest included;

* strategic business and project management,

* international business in contracting, consulting and manufacturing organizations in construction,

* application and development of marketing, both internationally and domestically. (Particular focus is placed on developing international marketing strategies with markets in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, China and in the ASEAN region.)

The Group also looked at key business issues concerning;

Value and Strategy

* stakeholder management,

* whole-life asset and value management,


* application and development of approaches to environmental service development,

* sustainability strategies, including corporate social responsibility (CSR),

Integration, Collaborative Working & Logistics

* Health, safety, (risk),

* Quality management

* Building Information Modelling (BIM)

* Integrated project delivery

People Development

* Human resource management (HRM)

* Continuing education and research