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Young Researchers Programme (2011-2015)

From June 2011-2015 I was the Manager/Coordinator for the UTM Construction Research Alliance “Young Researchers” Programme.


To help increase the Key Amal Indicator (KAI) of the Construction RA by targeting the younger and less experienced researchers in the RA.


  • Focus on developing tailored support for the younger and less experienced researchers in the Construction RA.
  • Target key areas  in the KAI ie. publications, development of research team collaborations in research proposals, increased external funding proposals, internationalization of research activities etc.
  • Develop a programme of workshops and seminars covering key areas to support development of “world class researchers”.
    • Developing personal postdoctoral research strategies
    • How to get international research grants
    • Building international networks for collaboration
    • Realistic publications strategies to achieve high impact.